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Page history last edited by Sven Tiffe 13 years, 5 months ago

On Friday, Glenn Waters will arrive from Frankfurt on Train IC 2029 at 22:47. Anybody around at that time would like to share a cab to the hotel? Cell +32472244252 (Text preferred, but can do voice)


Alexander van der Berg: Meine geplante Ankuft am Aschaffenburg Hbf ist um 15:59 mit RB 15249 aus Hanau. Nehme dann ein Taxi zum Hotel. Wer will mit?

Juliane Conradt: Ich :-) I will take the same RB 15249 from Hanau.


Update: On courtesy of Deutsche Bahn, Juliane will arrive at 16:50 and will noch be able to join you. If anybody arrives around that time, she would like to share a cab.


Taxi 1 also Fr kurz nach 16.00 Uhr mit Alexander und Juliane. 

Sebastian Eichner: Ich auch! Werde Freitag um 16:16 in Aschaffenburg ankommen (RE4641 aus Frankfurt).

Dieter Bertsch (via Alexander van der Berg): Ich komme am Freitag um 16:34 Uhr mit dem ICE aus München.

Tobias Schlosser: I'm arriving in Aschaffenburg on Friday at 16:34 with ICE624 from Munich


Taxi 2 am Fr um kurz nach 16:30 mit Sebastian und Dieter und Tobias



Old: Natalia & Aleksey Kolupaev - we will arrive in Aschaffenburg Friday at 11:59 (RB15227 from Hanau) - anybody there at this time or (+20 minutes) wanting to share a car or a taxi?

Update: we will go by car with Christine Neidhardt at 12-20. I will delete my request soon from this page.

Timofey Yevgrashyn - I'm arriving FRA airport Friday at 10:05 and going to be in Aschaffenburg at 11:22. I'll be glad sharing the taxi with you.  


Olaf Lewitz: Martin Heider, Ralf Kruse and myself arrive Fr night about 21:30 at FRA airport and will go to Rückersbach by cab. If anyone else needs to go that late, we could take a bigger cab...


Jens Korte: I will arrive in Aschaffenburg Hbf um 15:34 mit ICE626 from Munich. Who want share a taxi with me?


Juliane: Wenn du warten willst, kannst du mit uns im Taxi 1 um vier fahren. In dem Fall sag uns am besten kurz Bescheid oder warte am Taxistand.



Sven Tiffe: I will arrive in Aschaffenburg Hbf at 19:34 with ICE 528 from Munich. Anybody who would like to share a taxi?

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Tobias Schlosser said

at 12:50 pm on Feb 15, 2011

Tobias Schlsoser: I'm arriving in Aschaffenburg on Friday at 16:34 with ICE from Munich
würde mich Taxi 2 anschließen...
Taxi 2 dann mit Sebastian & Dieter & Tobias

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