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Questions and Answers

Page history last edited by Juliane Conradt 13 years, 8 months ago

Question: in the top of the position paper page you write:

The regristration process will happen as follows: 

  1. Please enter your position paper and your email adress here.

Could you please define the _here_ more precisely? Should it be part of the position paper (I do not like this idea too much)?


I changed the procedure. So it's not necessary to write down your email adress. We will send the invitation to the adress you are using for your PBworks account.


Thanks, this sounds good, Juliane

Comments (1)

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert said

at 1:34 am on Oct 19, 2010

I just joined this wiki, and browsed the pages that are defined already. I'm looking for what is the right place to introduce myself to others already here. I looked at the list of who the organizers are, and I know a few of you. How about a short intro of each person, to help newbies like me get to know something about you all?
I love the idea of a conference to *do* things, not just talk about doing things.

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