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Do you arrive by car?


Maybe you can give somebody a lift and travel together - which probably is both more ecological and interesting.

Use this page to offer or ask for a lift to Play4Agile 2011.


(just login and edit this page)


Suggestion for how we can manage this simply: If you're offering, pick some requestors and after they confirm to go with you, then the requestors erase their names. The offering person keeps their name on here if they still have seats available, and when full, they also erase their name here. That way, just the "live" offers and requsts are on this wiki page for simplicity.  - Nancy V.




From South-West: Andreas Leidig - I will go from Karlsruhe region by car. Contact me if you want a lift. I can probably also stop at the airport Frankfurt and pick you up there. 

From Netherlands/Belgium: Jurgen Appelo, I intend to travel by car from Rotterdam or from Brussels. (Warning: I like tacky German disco music.)




OK NOW! Problem solved! --deb

Deborah Preuss: I will arrive Saturday morning, before 6am at the local train station. Is there an early riser who would like to pick me up 20 minutes away from the conference site? :-)

>> I talked to the SeminarZentrum and they said if I get off two stops later I can get a taxi easily. Good! That is easy to fix! (I would not hope for a taxi in such a region in Canada... thanks for the hint, folks).


Nancy Van Schooenderwoert - I'd like to get a ride, or share a taxi

All set - will get a ride from Andreas Leidig. Thanks!


Natalia & Aleksey Kolupaev - we will arrive in Aschaffenburg Friday at 11:59 (RB15227 from Hanau) - anybody there at this time or (+20 minutes) wanting to share a car or a taxi?

Christine Neidhardt I could arrive around 12.20 on Friday in Aschaffenburg and take you with me to Rückersbach.

NK>it would be great. thank you.



Please note: There is also an own page for TaxiSharing which is already used!



Comments (5)

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert said

at 5:27 am on Jan 17, 2011

Hi Andreas - How should we contact you to work out details? Can you give an email address?

Urs said

at 11:58 pm on Jan 31, 2011

Andreas, is there still room to share for a ride from KA?

Andreas Leidig said

at 3:12 pm on Feb 3, 2011

Yep -> will take the big car. Up to 7 seats, then less luggage. :)

Urs said

at 10:10 pm on Feb 3, 2011

Great. Sandra and I would like to join you.

Enyo said

at 10:15 pm on Feb 2, 2011

Hi guys, I come from Hannover and would like to get a ride or share a taxi.

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